A Short Bio


Master of Science in Computer Science. Senior System Reliability Engineer. Senior Researcher.
Experience in development, maintenance and deployment of IT applications. Unix System and Network Administrator. Security & Integrity Manager. High Availability systems designer and maintainer. Capacity planner. Social Media Analyst. Intelligent Transportation System, Internet of Thinghs Researcher and Project Leader. Reviewer for Detroit ITS World congress. Author of papers, technical documentation and essays related to ITS, High Availability, System and Network Management, Data Integrity and Capacity Planning. International work group coordination experience. e2Call Provincia Autonoma di Trento Public Project in cooperation with CRF scientific responsible and MASELTOV (part funded by the European Commission, eInclusion, project FP7-ICT-7) work package leader.
Wordpress CMS and related plugins advanced user. Community Building, Network Science and social network specialist. Web contents editor, writer and SEO expert. Web 2.0 master. In field security and military technical advisor. Web information discovery and data intelligence. Information and opinions builder.
Twitter and Facebook Network marketing. Net neutrality vs. Quality of Service IT consultant. Nation wide successful micro publisher in politics, news, popular science, narrative, satire. Several available network identities on all major social networks and Silk Road traveller.
Creative, gipsy, open minded, team leader, goal oriented, very resolute.
Sometimes too much.