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e2Call an eCall enhancement based on 4G and inference algorithms.

Abstract In 2017 (EU-Council, 2014), countries defined as “pilots” in the HeEro European project will oblige car makers to install, on new brand vehicles, an electronic safety system automatically calling emergency services in case of a serious accident (EU-Commission, Press releases database, 2011). The idea is to manage the car […]

Outsourcing and insourcing

A couple of days ago I had a short conversation about a company insourcing IT systems previously outsourced. IT is like other professional environments. There are strategies changing not really for technical reasons but only because they look cool according to the fashion of the moment. I.e.: the very first […]

Being a Facilitator of Chaos

As described in one of my previous posts, being a system administrator in the IT business world is not like to supervise an assembly line.A software development factory or a data center offering IT services are very complex systems with many unpredictable events to manage and control. In my personal […]

Capacity Planning: Do Know (measure) your Environment

Continues from here. As I wrote in my previous post, capacity planning for IT business is a real challenge. There are no reasons to make it harder than it already is. For this reason, you have to keep in mind that capacity planning isn’t some kind of esoteric guess, but […]